Rhizoflora Terpinator (0-0-4) – 55 Gallon Drum (220 Liter)

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  • Soluble plant food of potassium derived from potassium sulfate
  • Use for horticultural purposes to improve overall plant vigor and growth
  • Use during the entire life cycle of the plant
  • Can be applied to all plant types and is safe for use in all grow applications with the same feed rate
  • NPK: 0-0-4
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Terpinator Is The One & Only Product Of Its Kind, Formulated To Increase The Concentration Of Terpinoids In Aromatic Plant Oils & Glands

What is Terpinator?

Terpinator is the result of years of trials by a dedicated team of professional cultivators who wanted just a bit more from their harvests. More taste, more aroma, and a higher potency – no matter the plant. They knew that the key to getting the results they were looking for was in the terpenes – the building blocks of the essential oils found in most plants and flowers.

Why Use Terpinator?

Some types of plant oils have terpenoid, or compounds that contain very interesting odor molecules. Terpenoids are molecular compounds that consist of repeating units of a 5-carbon structure called isoprene. Many plants incorporate aromatic compounds that produce a plethora of odors that have been long thought to affect our physiology through odor activation (aromatherapy).

Two of these odor molecules are limonene and myrcene. These occur in a wide variety of oil producing plants, and can be described to smell like lemons and grapefruit, respectively. Many researchers have been aware of the power of odor chemistry to affect our moods, for example, many people describe a feeling of “sunny happiness” when smelling limonene. These types of compounds end up in the glands that inhabit the “skin” of plants, and can create biological affects in our bodies when ingested. For example, the plant oils in mint can cause a feeling of relaxation when taken as a cup of tea.

Potassium (K) & Terpinator

Overall K+ is one of the most critical macro minerals for a plant to grow properly. Potassium is needed by the plant in every aspect of its life cycle, from seed germination to vegetative phases and fruit set. Unlike Nitrogen and Phosphorus, Potassium does not become part of any plant component. Since K+ is stored in the plants cellular cytoplasm and sap, it must be provided to a plant all the time. Potassium is responsible for the cellular regulation of over 60 different enzymes in meristematic tissues. In summary K+ is responsible for regulating enzyme activity, regulating CO2 and water through osmoregulation of the plant’ stomata, and is essential for the production of ATP. By insuring plants have the correct forms and amount of Potassium available, proper growth from seed to fruit set is insured.

Potassium also plays a strong roles in protein synthesis. Again, the formation and activation of critical enzymes (e.g., nitrate reductase) is limited by the presence of K in the cells of the plant. Protein syntheses is necessary for the production of soluble nitrogen compounds, such as amino acids, nitrate, etc. In the absence of proteins, plants cannot grow and set fruits, or form roots properly.

Available sizes: 1 L, 4 L, 10 L, 24 L, 15 Gal, 55 Gal

Terpinator was created from years of researching naturally occurring plant compounds that are bio-osmotic potentiators. Through our patented scientific process, your plants will utilize these compounds to enhance their production of terpinoids and plant oil producing glands. These glands are brought to their maximum potential and size using Terpinator along with any nutrient program.

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220 Liter, 55 Gallon



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