Big Fatty Cones – 1 1/4 | .5 Gram, 84mm | Natural Raw White | 900 Pack


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TOP SHELF QUALITY – Don’t panic, it’s organic. Our cones are manufactured with only the highest quality organic material. Rest assured our cones are manufactured with zero additives including non-GMO, pesticide free, and chlorine free. Chemical free papers are the way to be. Contains no tobaccos or nicotine.

THE REAL DEAL – Enjoy a truly delightful clean taste that is light and pure. Retain the flavor of your choosing & experience a slow, clean, smooth, proportionate burn the way it was intended. Our cones have been tested to burning perfection.

FAST & EASY – Save time & effort. Don’t waste your time with standard rolling papers. Each pre-roll cone comes attached with a 26mm filter tip ready to rock & roll. The tapered cone design makes it easy to lock and load without hassle.

ROLL LIKE A BOSS – Great for beginners all the way to the most advanced roll master. Lightweight, durable & incredibly easy to pack without a mess. Stay in high spirts by spending more time savoring the moment.

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84mm | .5 Gram | 1 1/4

Tip Size



900 Cones Per Box


Unbleached Organic Pre-Roll Cones


100% Organic, GMO & Pesticide Free


Made With Love In Indonesia | Rolling Papers Imported From France

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